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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

My name is Baraa Mahroka and I am a friendly, i.e. not aggressive Sitecore Developer at TechGuilds based in Toronto. I am neither a Sitecore MVP (aiming to be) nor a Sitecore Certified Professional Developer (soon to be) but I still love you all. I started working with Sitecore 7.1 until now. I always say great stuff about Sitecore, isn’t that enough!

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Since the very first day I worked with Sitecore I believed in the product and started learning a lot of stuff about it to a level I became very comfortable working with it. I have decided to target my activities online and offline to teach those who are new to Sitecore so I can fast-track them to the level I achieved. I did that through writing blog posts, tweeting, re-tweeting, sharing posts and most importantly teaching our new employees and helping them with all the issues and shortcuts I have learned so far to save them time and bring them to work comfortably with Sitecore. I highly believe in sharing knowledge, so I will continue do what I am doing to provide developers with the knowledge I have as I consider it one of the reasons of happiness. I also contributed to the Sitecore Marketplace, attended user groups, shared knowledge internally through our TechGuilds lunch and learn sessions and contributed to our Project Peek to make Sitecore VR enabled.

– Twitter:
– Blog:
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– Always attend Toronto Sitecore User Group’s events as we host it along with other Sitecore user groups.

– uCommerce for Sitecore certified.
– Sitecore® Developer Foundations eLearning
– Sitecore® Experience Solution Developer eLearning

Sitecore Marketplace Contributions:
– Rich Text Editor Code Snippets:

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