Application for: Chris Auer

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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

Chris Auer, I am a partner at Bonfire, living in sunny Florida, USA. I am a first time Sitecore MVP and a long time certified Sitecore developer. I am pound for pound the nicest Sitecore developer on the planet. I can say that because I have lots of pounds 🙂 #AintNoOneGotTimeToBeSkinny

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

My dev/life focus is on the marketing side of Sitecore. I feel this is the part of Sitecore with the biggest upside, and it’s the most exciting code to work in. I spend my time trying to write code to make marketing easier for myself, and anyone I can help.

I wrote the Kickfire Analytics module to help identify visitors by the companies they work for.

I also wrote the Analytivc DTO (with some Sitecore Launch code) to make knowing the current users contact profile state in real time.

I am very active on the Stack Exchange, currently #12 all time. I love SE because it lets us communicate help in real time. I am also active on Sitecore Slack, telling an improper joke when I get a chance, and helping with any questions people have.

I don’t write the sweetest code, I don’t have the most Stack Exchange points. But I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

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