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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

My name is Chris Williams. I have been a Sitecore MVP from Canada since 2012 and have been to every Sitecore conference in North America except the very first Dreamcore. I currently work at Perficient as well as run my own company You may know me as SitecoreGuild and more recently SitecoreChris.

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

I feel I am a community friend because I am always willing to help others and share helpful content and events either my own or from others in the community.

I answer lots of questions through email and share any answers that would help others through blog posts.

On the community side of things, I am very social and love to make sure that the right people meet each other to build the community and be successful on their journeys.

My motto I live by is Strengthening the Community Through Mentoring.

Some places you have probably seen me:

1) SitecoreGuild Facebook Group
2) @sitecoreGuild and @sitecorechris on twitter.
3) Helpful blog articles on
4) More recently Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild where Eric Stafford and I are building out the community with lots of help from Timothy Steleman.
5) Now for old schoolers you may remember my sitecore quickstarts in marketplace for multisite setup and handing resource strings.
6) More recently I have been more active on Slack as well.

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