Application for: Gilbert Blocker

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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

My name is Gilbert (G.C.) Blocker. I am the VP of Technology at Roundedcube, an original Sitecore U.S. partner. I am an avid Sitecore developer and love learning/ teaching the many features of the product.

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

A few contributions that I have made to the community include blogging about the extensibility of Sitecore and dev tips, as well as assisting coordination and presenting at our local User Group sessions (#STLSitecoreUG). I also help expose the latest features and tools through video on our YouTube channel, and participate in discussions on the Sitecore Slack channel. Vote for me, and I will continue to collaborate and provide an essential knowledge share to for all to continue to build successful and powerful experiences through the Sitecore platform. Thanks!

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