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My name is Ian Graham and I’m a Sitecore Tech Lead at Kagool: a Sitecore-only focused Platinum partner based in the U.K.

I’m a twice nominated MVP, nerd and general Sitecore enthusiast.

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I’ve been meddling with Sitecore for nearly 6 years now and I’ve worked through the good, the bad and the ugly of Sitecore implementations.

I’ve archived all the sweat, tears and knowledge gained in a blog and homage to Mary Poppins called Core Blimey!

This year I’ve been focusing my efforts on widening the Sitecore community (and drinking beer) by organising user groups! U.K user groups seem to be quite London-centric and the rest of the U.K can feel a bit left out 🙁 . I’ve tried to redress the balance this year by organising user groups in Cardiff and Manchester along with speaking about my experiences of the Data Exchange Framework!

User groups are a great way for people to be involved in the Sitecore community and there is a definite thirst for more, especially in the North of England!

While I have time aside from my busy day job, I’m on Twitter and Stackoverflow, promoting user groups, answering questions and blogging all things Sitecore.

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