Application for: Jitendra Soni

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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

My Name is Jitendra Soni, I have been working on Sitecore since 6.0, Currently working as Sitecore Architect.

For this project, We have developed a totally new digital platform from the scratch, There are a lot of interesting and challenging areas that we have completed.

Key module developed.

1. Extended Role based management for the global editorial team.
2. Multisite/multilingual – A complete development.
3. Extended and best practices for the experience editor.
4. Extended TDS setup and modified custom TT files.
5. Automated build process developed including – TeamCity and octopus.
6. Custom Modules-
7. Import Dictionary

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

1. Sitecore connector with ExactTarget – Salesforce.
2. Sitecore connector with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
3. Customization for experience editor.

Below are my contribution and plan for the Sitecore Community this year.

1. Helping community through my blog –

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