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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

Hey there! My name is Mark Cassidy – maybe you know me as @cassidydotdk on Slack and Twitter. I am a Sitecore freelance consultant – have been since around 2009 – and I have been working with Sitecore since 2005. Coming up on 13 years now.

I am certified on Sitecore, which is obviously still super relevant today. I have also spent more years doing Webforms based Sitecore solutions than many of you have spent with a driver’s license. Not sure if that should qualify me or disqualify me lol, but there you have it πŸ˜‰

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

So I’ve been a “community person” from as far back as before there was much of a community. I run one of the oldest Sitecore blogs in existence – Into The Core. I’ll freely admit, I started the blog back in January 2006 (no, that is not a typo – we were all on Yahoo! Pipes back then) out of frustration with the (then) lack of documentation available to Sitecore; the lack of release notes or just pretty much any documentation. This has obviously changed a LOT since then, but so has my view on things. I spend less and less of my time on actual blogging nowadays, and have found other ways to contribute.

If asked, in my time of blogging, there are a few notable events I like to highlight.

1. Investigating and poking around in Session State, back when “Integrated Pipeline” was a new thing.

2. Discovering and documenting (albeit with a few omissions) Web.config include files before Sitecore did.

3. And then my crowning achievement LOL – The Page Template Mistake. Or at least I hope it crowned me, because I’ve blogged oh so very little since then πŸ˜‰

So anyway. What do I do with my time these days?

Well. Time permitting (isn’t so easy for a self employed consultant – any time I spend on the community, comes out of my personal time), I spend almost countless hours on the community. You will almost always find me hanging out on Slack (whenever I am at my PC, and I am at my PC a lot). On Slack I try and answer whenever I can (this will be up and down depending on my current project engagements), and I think most of you who frequent Slack would know me. I troll a bit from time to time, for this I apologise but have no honest regrets. It’s a community and should be fun as well as helpful πŸ˜‰

Oh, and then there’s this thing called Sitecore Stack Exchange. SSE. By now I hope you have heard about it and seen what a great resource it is. I was one of the co founders (I am actually listed as THE founder, but that’s a system limitation. There were 5-10 of us that kickstarted it and almost 200 dedicated community members that made it happen). I am one of 3 moderators on the site and am currently the “most trusted” community member there based purely on the reputation system. I guess I interact with some 65% of all posts on the site – so if you’re on there, chances are you’ve seen my name pop up more than once.

My community hours in 2017 have been spent almost exclusively on SSE. 2 hours a day on average. Editing posts, putting posts on hold that needed clarification, re-tagging posts, discussing posts – all in an effort to make SSE the best possible resource it can be. When not actively working on the site, I advertise it via Twitter, I help arrange sponsor T-shirts, I advertise on Facebook… if it helps bring the message out there, I’m doing it. Or trying at least, the best I can.

What else? Right. I was a speaker for SUGDE (Deutschland – Germany) in January and September. I was a speaker at SUGCON EU in May 2017 in Amsterdam. I was a Bronze Sponsor of SUGCON EU out of my own pocket. All for the community.

I’d love to win this award, especially in such awesome company as the other ones who have submitted. But if not, hey, a simple “thank you for this post, I’m showing it to all new coworkers who join” is something that keeps me going for years and years.

I hope to meet you all – both online but also at great Sitecore events to come.

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