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Mark Stiles.

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You may or may not know but I host a YouTube show called Catching Exceptions that I use to interview the people in the community. I also use it as a platform to talk about Sitecore events and more broadly about technology we’re using.

I’ve also authored a number of modules or integrations with Sitecore: Brightcove Connector (one of the precursors to the Media Framework), the DataImporter, the Extranet Module, the Caching Manager, the TestStar and my most recent work with machine learning the Sitecore Cognitive Services.

I also created two of the (currently) six Sitecore posters that are floating around.

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  1. Mark Stiles has his hands in almost as many things as Akshay, which is a compliment when you think about all the positive community things Akshay is a part of. Whether it is using his drone to take group shots at conferences and events or capturing the local culture in NOLA, writing modules or simply being there to answer a question or helping you find the person to answer it. Mark is always there to support the community personally and as a whole. It is fitting that his video series is called Catching Exceptions because he himself is exceptional and it is us catching the rewards.

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