Application for: Nabil Orfali

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I’m Nabil Orfali (@nabeez), Sitecore MVP, Founder of TechGuilds, a company with laser focus on Sitecore.

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As a Founding Partner at TechGuilds Consulting Inc., I keep busy and wear many hats such as Sitecore XP Platform Advocate, Chief Operating Officer, Sitecore Delivery Commander, Certified Sitecore Developer, Certified Scrum Master, visionary, entrepreneur, husband, and dad of two angels! The latter two not necessarily part of TechGuilds, but vital to my leadership role, creativity and work-life balance.

You can count on my 16-year, consistent, track record in delivering business value in the digital media era.

I’m committed to innovation with an entrepreneurial mindset, and have strong skills and knowledge in the areas of business applications for technology and business start-ups. My deep technical background allows me to see the big picture while paying attention to small details.

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