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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)


I’m Natalie, an SBOS and strategic marketing consultant, part of the award winning digital agency, Sagittarius Marketing Ltd and a proud member of the growing gang of females in tech! Girl Power! (too much…?!)

A relative newcomer to the Sitecore platform and associated communities… but by no means any less passionate! My background in strategic and multi-channel marketing fuels my desire to drive brands to start harnessing the power of the Sitecore platform and its context marketing capabilities… the dream for any real marketeer!

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My brand exposure:
Here at Sagittarius I am privileged to be able to work with numerous large and prestigious brands such as Jet2, Wyndham Vacations Rentals UK, institutions such as Liverpool John Moores and Anglia Ruskin universities and charities such as the RNLI and Cystic Fibrosis Trust – and in different capacities from web strategies to development implementations. This gives me such a broad spectrum of experiences and visibility into the real Sitecore customers’ worlds.

My work:
My role spans running SBOS programmes and delivering Sitecore focussed, strategic and marketing consultancy to those clients whom have invested in the platform, but are not yet leveraging its key marketing functionalities – they’ve paid for the bells and whistles, but not got them ringin’.

My work with clients transcends consultancy based engagements and is firmly routed in the nuts and bolts of design and build projects. Working with clients on the strategic implementation of their platform throughout new builds – from discovery phases, UX strategies to drive CRO and conversions, design concepts to engage users throughout to ensuring we effectively utilise the functionalities, integrations and architectures enabled by Sitecore.

My engagement:
I attend Technical User Groups, most recently at Balls Brothers with Sitecore & Sagittarius, share the love via my social channels, write blogs and I have ventured into the world of webinars! (argh, hearing my own voice!)

My summary:
Think of me as the gal on the front line – working with key brands to harness the benefits of the Sitecore platform and drive truly digital transformations across their businesses; really making the most of the platform and its capabilities

… the more they see the return, the more they’ll invest! keeping the progressive development of Sitecore rolling! 😉

Regardless of the voting outcome… it’s great to introduce myself and (sort of) meet you!

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