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Who me? Why, my name is Rick Bauer and some of you may already know me as @Sitecordial. I work for Perficient, with a team of smart and talented developers. I am the the Digital Strategist MVP in our Sitecore practice. The marketer in a sea of devs.

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For many years organizations like Forbes have been saying that CMO’s will hold the budgets for organizations’ digital properties, especially when it comes to client-facing and branding. We are certainly there now, and Strategists are an integral part of helping not only accelerate the learning curve and realize quicker ROI, but also to add comfort, vision and education during the early stages of CXP decisions.

As a Digital Strategist I have been continually working to educate around Sitecore for Marketers with an ever growing YouTube (@Sitecordial) channel of instructional videos and quick tips. I have been “touring” the country to help businesses and even developers understand the value of Sitecore from a Marketing perspective. These meetings have been in board rooms, lunch rooms, many Sitecore User Groups and the occasional bar.

On top of this I am active in the community and a regular Blog contributor around all things Sitecore. More to come in 2018 with 2 new visual series in the works and a 2018 Sitecore 9 world tour. (budget approval pending).

Also, I will throw a keg party if I win. Can I say that?

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  1. I often enjoy the chocolate milks you provide me and the assistance with everything digital marketing related stuff. As well the Sitecore Commerce Mentoring Guild logo you designed looks fabulous.

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