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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

My name is Rob Reilley. I am a Senior Web Developer at Paragon. I have been working with Sitecore since 6.4. Funny story. I learned it at night with an outside consultant who was only available at a certain time. Although stressed and tired at the time it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Eventually I got Sitecore certified and it was like that scene from Pursuit of Happyness when Will Smith finds out he got the job.

Some of you may also know me as Sitecore Runner. Running is my other passion and helps me make important decisions on Sitecore sites I am developing. Not to mention after running several marathons doing a late night coding session is much more enjoyable (I am looking at you Sitecore Hackathon). πŸ™‚

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

Through various social sites you can find me actively talking and helping others with Sitecore. I launched my blog this year to help others with the knowledge that I have learned over the years. One of my biggest accomplishments was writing a five part blog series on the Data Exchange Framework. From my experience with the DEF I decided to create a Sitecore module that would import Reddit fields so others could learn from me.

So in addition to the blog site I mentioned you can find me actively on several social sites. Learning and helping when I can. I check Sitecore Stack Exchange and Sitecore Slack daily. I am not shy in asking questions as I believe others may have the same question. When I see an opportunity to help I try and give the best answer I can.

I have been at all the Chicago meetups this year, but haven’t been chosen to be a presenter yet. However I did present to Paragon on what I have learned about the Data Exchange Framework and used my Reddit feed module as an example. So I am all set for a more public presentation when chosen. πŸ™‚

My best advice I always give to anyone first learning Sitecore is you never really master it. You become good at it, but there is always something new to learn from it. I think that is one of the biggest things I love about it though.

Where to find my contributions and connect with me:
– Blog:
– Twitter:Β
– LinkedIn:Β
– Sitecore StackExchange:Β
– StackOverflow:Β
– GitHub:Β

You can find my Sitecore modules here:
(This is the Data Exchange Framework module mentioned above.)
(Module create for the Sitecore Hackathon)

Why should you vote for me? I am the Sitecore version of Dean Winchester of Supernatural who never gives up. I keep moving forward no matter how hard the task is. Through my own experiences/mistakes I love to help others.

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