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Hello Everyone!
I am Surendra Kumar Sharma. I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and Sitecore Foundations Certified Developer having a total experience of 11 years. Currently working as an Associate Technical Architect with edynamic from past 3 years. I started my career with .Net technology and has been working on Sitecore since 2014 and I would also like to mention here that I published 135+ Sitecore articles, 5 eBooks and 2 Sitecore modules.

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Below mentioned artifacts made me strongly believe that I am the right candidate for this and helps me writing the below points:

* I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer which helps in making my confidence high.
* Developed two modules and published on Sitecore marketplace.
Sitecore Template Report Generator –
Copy Content –
* Author for the Sitecore and .Net related blogs on Sitecore Lessons blog site which helps me in sharing my knowledge about Sitecore and I try to add blogs with the all minimal details so that it will be easy for the audience to understand and help them learn easily. Till date I Published 325+ technical articles including 135+ Sitecore articles having 150,000+ hits from worldwide. (Visit )
* Published 5 e-books on Sitecore –
“All about customizing workflow in Sitecore” –
“Implementing Password Policy in Sitecore”-
“Content Migration to Sitecore” –
“LexBlog to Sitecore” –
“All about Sitecore database”. –
* Keeping up the good work month-by-month and share it via blog, Facebook and LinkedIn pages and helps the audience in keeping them up to date with the latest events and blogs which got published in regards to the Sitecore.
* Blogging not only with the quantity, but also maintaining the quality as well.
* Present on Sitecore Slack channels
* Asking questions on Sitecore Stack Exchange and sharing my knowledge and experience.
* Contributed to an open source modules .NET API for which are committed to GitHub at
* Part of Delhi NCR Sitecore Group, giving training to edynamic employees, educating clients for Sitecore, attending Sitecore webcasts

Blog –
Facebook –
LinkedIn –
Sitecore Stackoverflow –

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