Application for: Tony Mamedbekov

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Who? (Tell us about you. Your name, where you work, etc. Anything relevant to the Application.)

My name is Tony, I’m a Senior Consultant at Sogeti, Houston division of Digital Transformation Practice and a Sitecore Specialist in the South Region for our company. Currently I’m working on two projects that requires 100% engagement with Sitecore. I am the Sitecore architect, developer, implementer and tester. I complete everything for the client on my own. In addition, I have a background in working with different CMS systems in the past (AEM, Interwoven, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress , etc.). Both my customers and I have had such a good experience with Sitecore that I have started my own blog.

In the online community you may know me through my blog and my twitter: @tmamedbekov and Slack: @tmam.

Why Me? (Here is your chance to explain why people need to vote for you. What contributions have you made to help the community.)

I have been learning and immersing more into Sitecore and have been sharing my knowledge and expertise in this system with the community through various online channels, particularly through my blog, Twitter, Slack.

For me, the community is highly important as it has been very helpful and I’m contributing as much as I can by doing the following:

* Writing interesting blogs, that make technical documentation easier to comprehend.
* Writing blogs that make it easier for new users, who experience common challenges, to start their journey with Sitecore.
* Being active on StackOverflow and Slack Channels as well as social networks.
* Started writing an online book that will have all my knowledge that I will share with the community for free –

I’m located in Houston, however my share of expertise is not limited in one office. I’m a frequent participant of most sales calls on national level as when necessary I travel to meet clients for face-to-face Sitecore discussions.

Early in my Sitecore journey, I have created a system that controls any changes in client’s website, and it increased transparency of our work in Sitecore. Recently, I transitioned my client’s old inflexible CMS solution to Sitecore and shared this information with community (Angularjs and Sitecore). I received community recognition via retweets and shares not only by developers within the community but also from the official Sitecore team and Sitecore MVPs on Twitter.

I’m getting more and more exposure from Sitecore’s Official team which supports my ability to share my experience and expertise with people within the community. I also have a CMS expertise in other systems. Sitecore is my prioritized choice for clients, as I grow, I want to share my knowledge with everyone in the community and help out developers to dive deeper into Sitecore’s well rounded platform.

By saying this, I plan to continue to post even more on my blog as well as be more active in real community through participating in user groups and conferences as well as organize my own meetings in Houston area.

Moreover, I have a plan of writing a complete easy-to-use guide for Sitecore beginners, as well as publishing my log tracker that runs on npm to the market place.

Getting this award will be a great honor for me and will help me grow Sitecore’s footprint nationwide.

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