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Hi guys,

My name is Viet Hoang, I’m a passionate Sitecore Certified Developer based out of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). I’ve been working with Sitecore since early 2014. Currently, I work for Tekcent Limited as a Sitecore Team Lead. I’ve spent much time on Sitecore since last two years in terms of development and training.

Applying to this one, I just want to encourage the lads in my Sitecore team to share their own Sitecore knowledge with everyone. We’ve learnt a lot from Sitecore community so that we should give something back.

My linkedin profile

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1) I’m giving a hand to build up a strong Sitecore team in Vietnam

2) I’m enjoying sharing my Sitecore knowledge with everyone via my personal blog and sharing my blog’s posts on Linkedin (my own network, Sitecore groups, etc) and on Sitecore Slack, Facebook

3) I like contributing to Sitecore Community with my Sitecore shared source projects

12 thoughts on “Viet Hoang 2018”

  1. Viet is an active member of the Sitecore community and written numerous technical articles based on real-world problems when developing Sitecore powered websites. He is also passionate about Sitecore and know’s the product inside out and ensures that any Sitecore website strictly follows the best practices for ease of maintenance and production grade stability.

  2. Viet is one of the guys who are enthusiastic in Sitecore. With his blog, you will find out many best practices from there and .Net as well. He also proposes a to train a new fresher, being a little or zero experiences on Sitecore to help them adapt quickly very well.

  3. Have known him for the last 1 year and coming from a place like Vietnam where Sitecore knowledge is non existent, i would say he is doing a great job by sharing his learning with everyone.

    Respect and salute to all your efforts.

  4. I have known Viet for a long time. He started to study Sitecore when it was not even popular in Vietnam. When being asked, he said “I simply love it”. As for his continuous contribution to the Sitecore community in Vietnam, I believe Viet one of the most respected Sitecore gurus there.

  5. His blog have a lot articles help me learn and practice with sitecore. It’s very useful for sitecore developer. He has trained me from zero and help me get a sitecore certified. It’s very nice to work with him.

  6. I really appreciate your Sitecore supper cool training during my probation time at Tekcent. You are a great trainer and leader!

  7. There are those who work for a living — there are those who are passionate about the type of work they do! Viet certainly falls into the latter. He has helped trained and build a very active Sitecore community in Vietnam through his blogs. We are pleased to have Viet onboard at Tekcent, a company who shares his life passion and a playground for him to ply his trade.

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