Phase 3 – Closed

Phase 3 is the final phase for the Core Community Friend Award 2018. This phase will determine the Top 10 applicants who will win the award and with it a $100 gift card.

The following are the instructions sent to the top 50 applicants from

In order to determine the winners here is the process we would like you to follow:

1. Please take a look at the top 50 people based on Phase 2 at this url:
2. Email me and send a list of 5 users OTHER THAN YOURSELF from the Top 50 list that you think deserve the Core Community Friend Award 2018 for their contributions.

Once I get all the results, I will tabulate them.

Remember, the goal is transparency.


Here are the results for Phase 3. Winners are highlighted in bold based on the top 10 scores. I did not want to be one of the applicants, but my fellow community members insisted.

Akshay Sura 29
Kamruz Jaman 26
Kam Figy 21
Mark Cassidy 17
Michael West 12
Una Verhoeven 10
Jason Wilkerson 9
Martina Welander 9
Mike Reynolds 7
Adam Najmanowicz 6
Amanda Shiga 6
Derek Dysart 6
Dylan Young 6
Richard Seal 5
Robbert Hock 5
Rohit Chopra 5
Thomas Eldblom 5
Mark Stiles 4
Mike Edwards 4
Amitabh Vyas 2
Chris Williams 2
Deepti Katta 2
Hetal Dave 2
Nitish Shrivastva 2
Pradeep Gupta 2
Surender Kumar Sharma 2
Anindita Bhattacharya 1
Arun Sharma 1
Corey Smith 1
Diego Morretto 1
Jean Francios Heureux 1
Lukasz Skowronski 1
Santiago Morla 1
Sean Holmesby 1
Steve McGill 1

Kind words from our Phase 2 Community friends!

I love the phase 3 rules!

Difficult choices… Based wholly on “who’s made noticable contributions to my Sitecore life in the last year”

10 votes would be easier… 5 is super tough!

If I had more votes….they’d go here….

This was extremely difficult to narrow down as so many deserve recognition.

I feel I should skip the biggest, noisiest people and pick other worthy folks!

– Friendless Sura
– #FakeKam Jaman
– #FakeKam Figy
– Mikey West
– Una

– Kam Figy, (unicorn is priceless)
– Kamruz Jaman, (tons of helpful and VERY innovative blogs)
– Michael West, (SPE brother – super helpful on Slack and Stack Exchange!)
– Akshay Sura, (Community glue and oil in its sngine!)
– Mark Stiles (Inspiring and super innovative)

Akshay “be my friend” sura
Mark “post your problems ” cassady
Michael “script it ” west
Kamruz “fake kam” jaman
Robbert “conference time” hock

It is very though to choose just 5. I would pick you but I know you already get my recognition so I am going to choose some that may not usually get recognition:

Dylan Young – Reason his YouTube series has helped a lot. I personally have sent his videos to answer new user questions.
Diego Moretto – Always there to help, presents at user groups, blogs and retweets others stuff so everyone sees it.
Martina Welander – We now have real documentation thanks to Martina. She really deserves a lot of credit for that.
Hetal Dave – Has been a vital role to learning Sitecore Commerce. Shares lots of content.
Amanda Shiga – In a lot of ways she IS the Toronto Sitecore User group. She keeps everything organized and is a strong supporter of everyone in the community and their successes. Really deserves the recognition.

Now I could easily do the same for another 5. This was tough.

1. My FRIEND Akshay Sura
2. Kam Figy, even though he joined the mothership and now is too posh for us
3. Kamruz Jaman, because Fake Kams are Kams too
4. Mike Reynolds, even if I don’t know what continent he is on these days
5. Richard Seal, for always defending the SSE fort with me side by side

Amanda – Occupies that rare space where advanced tech and advanced marketing overlap. I love her presentations on – I think it was Rotman? – where they were doing really advanced stuff with Sitecore’s marketing features. Also actually doing machine learning.

Una – Una has been a user group whirlwind over the past year; I’ve seen her speak at and attend so many events. Predict we’ll see even more of her as machine learning + Sitecore become a big thing.

Kam Figy – Community power house, active everywhere.

Derek Dysart – I just love what the Core Sampler podcast has turned into.

Dylan Young – Crazy Stack Exchange activity, someone I’ve noticed on various channels over the past year.


1) Kam Figy: I’m a big fan of Unicorn and I love his blog posts as well
2) Kamruz Jaman: his Sitecore knowledge is so amazing, I’ve learnt a lot from him
3) Mark Cassidy: he has much experience on Sitecore development; he has performed a great support on Sitecore Slack and Sitecore Stackexchange as well
4) Thomas Eldblom: I like his Habitat very much, it’s very helpful for my Sitecore team
5) Mike Edwards: his Glass Mapper Sc is most popular Sitecore ORM, I guess that we all love it

1. Kamruz Jaman – His contributions are great and constant. I’m not sure how he has so much time, I’m thinking he must be a Robot.
2. Kam Figy – Has contributed some of the largest open source projects in the community and actively supports them, but yet still finds time to give back on SE, Slack and via blogs.
3. Richard Seal – One of my biggest inspirations in the community. He gives back in practically every way imaginable. One day I hope to be like him.
4. Mark Cassidy – SE God. Seems to know everything about Sitecore, but I’m glad I can find questions I can answer before him.
5. Mike Edwards – Glass Mapper. Nothing more needs to be said here.

Kam – Unselfishly gives back a TON to the community. I seriously can’t wait to see what he does when he teams up with Shyba.
Kamruz – This guy finds the most remote nooks and crannies of Sitecore and shines a light on them.
Una – A user group machine! She is truly bringing Sitecore to the masses!
Thomas – Doing more to advance the state of the art for Sitecore implementations
Martina – Leading the charge in making sure people can understand this stuff.
Kam Figgy – no reason to explain
Thomas Eldblom – Long time Helix partner in crime, always an inspiration to discuss with.

Robbert Hock – For all his SUGCON work (Andy should be here as well)
Una V – Because she did not get her MVP this year she truly deserves this recognition for her devotion and all her work in the community.
Special Core friend award to Mike Reynolds. Just for being that special friend of the community.
Good thing this phase was added even though I have no chance of winning when it is top 5 for 2017