During this phase we would encourage people to submit their application based on the predefined template. Following the Application phase, we will gather all the entries, create an election poll with links to individual application information links.

Users can comment on individual Applications and provide feedback or have a dialogue with the applicant.

The Application process will be open until October 31, 2019. If you have not signed up yet, click here.

The following as the list of applicants. Feel free to click their name and view their application. You will have a chance to comment on their application and interact with the applicant.

The list is sorted in the order we entered them 😉

  1. Mark Cassidy
  2. Abhay Dhar
  3. Zachary Kniebel
  4. Rodrigo Peplau
  5. Chris Williams
  6. Dylan Young
  7. Nikhil Kulkarni
  8. Saad Ansari
  9. Gert Gullentops
  10. Vikash Raaj
  11. Peter Procházka
  12. Srikanth Kondapally
  13. Jeremy Davis
  14. Debi Prasanna Bej
  15. Jean-Francois Larente
  16. Alison Sainsbury
  17. Amit Kumar
  18. Mihaly Arvai
  19. Shelley Benhoff
  20. Amitabh Vyas
  21. Dirk Schäfauer
  22. Kuntesh Bhatt
  23. Eric Sanner
  24. Michael West
  25. Christian Hahn
  26. Jason Wilkerson
  27. Madhu Anbalagan
  28. Tony Mamedbekov
  29. Jacqueline Baxter
  30. Sumit Upadhyay
  31. Ishraq AlFataftah
  32. Diego Moretto
  33. Marek Musielak
  34. Carlos Rodriguez
  35. Viet Hoang
  36. Gopikrishna Reddy Gujjula
  37. Nikhil Kulkarni
  38. Arvind Chourasiya
  39. Derek Correia
  40. Kimberly McCabe
  41. Suset Fernandez
  42. Robbert Hock
  43. Mohamed Nizarudeen
  44. Vipin Banka
  45. Sandy Foley
  46. Akshay Sura
  47. Mike Reynolds