Application for: Amit Kumar

My name is Amit Kumar. I work as a Senior Technical Architect/Solution Architect at Mindtree, INDIA. I have been working with Sitecore from last 3+ years and gained the Sitecore knowledge with self-learning and great study materials present over the INTERNET which created by wonderful Sitecore Community Friends.

In my view, help to the Sitecore Community required the extra effort/time from day-to-day activities. I am trying to help the Sitecore community whenever times allows in different mode of communication..Sitecore Slack, Sitecore Stack Exchange, Sitecore Community Portal, Blogs and Regional WhatsApp group.

My way of working is MORE YOU SHARE MORE YOU GAIN.

By following above mantra, I am trying to share my knowledge which will be helpful for Sitecore community members via following channels:

-Sitecore Stack Exchange:
-Sitecore Bangalore WhatsApp Group

Some contribution from my side in 2019:

In 2019, I have presented at Sitecore User Groups in Bangalore, INDIA and Chennai, INDIA:

-Manage Static Resources In Sitecore In Helix Way ( – meetup

-Sitecore JSS in Action ( ,helped in organizing this meetup from my employeer side also) – meetup

-Sitecore JSS in Action ( – webinar

-I also forked the existing Advance Image module to Sitecore 9.x and explained the steps to use it and details present at

I am contributing towards building the great Sitecore community and will continue my efforts towards this.

#Sitecore #HappyToHelp #LearnSitecore #ShareNGain