Application for: Christian Hahn

Hello community,

the last few years I became member of this incredible community of great developers, marketers, enthusiasts, visionaries and many more. Because I did not just want to take from the community, but also start giving back.
Therefore I started to actively write blog posts mostly about Sitecore XC under These articles should help other people in trouble to not go all the painful ways I went through, while playing around with new release or versions of Sitecore. In addition to that I started publishing example and demonstration code for cool new stuff on my github account (, because I strongly believe, that not only reading about issues, but also seeing some code even helps more.
Furthermore I am trying to travel around to present as often as I can about Sitecore XC in national and international usergroups, SVDD and this year also first time at Sitecore Symposium. I really love investing time in tricky issues and challenges and just write or talk about that.

So because I try to be an active contributing member of that fancy community, vote for me ^^