Application for:  Diego Moretto

Hello Sitecore community

I personally believe that the Sitecore community is getting stronger every year with all the contributions we see from many individuals willing to share knowledge and exchanging great ideas every day. This is the kind of work people do on their own time, at their own expenses willing to help others grow with the technology we all love to work with. Community is key in every technology!

I personally try to find time to contribute in slack, twitter, blog posting, asking and answering questions in Sitecore stackexchange or presenting at user groups. These are all great community channels and I try to be active in them.

If you don’t know who I am, let’s connect:

or ping me on slack, or read some of the blog posts I’ve been writting in the last few years

I’m also co-founder of Sitecore Brazil User group and have presented in other user groups around the globe