Application for: Dirk Schäfauer

Hello everybody,

I’m a Solution Architect at CAMAO IDC GmbH.
We had a joint venture with CAMAO AG this year, formerly called Indeca GmbH, which a few of you will know (Mark Cassidy maybe :D).

I’m active on all community platforms, but we have so much work that I have limited time to answer your questions.

On the Sitecore User Groups in Germany, I am a regular guest and have twice presented topics:
– 08.11.18 Nuremberg: Break out of Frames
– 13.05.19 Dresden: Marketing Automation – A real life example

On the SUGCON.EU I find myself of course always! 😉

As some of you may have noticed, I am often active in # wffm-and-forms channel on Slack. We have many different customers and all had different requirements for WFFM that we had implemented and are now updating to 9.1.1 and 9.2, respectively. Therefore, we had to transfer all user-defined fields to Sitecore Forms, a lot of things went smoothly, but there is also a lot of Sitecore support and was classified as a bug. So I’m also doing some pioneering work and trying to work with Sitecore together to develop solutions.

A special highlight that I’m working on will be published soon! EXM Newsletter Subscription, the cool way! Again, this is done via an own Sitecore Forms Field, but internally all services that are provided by Sitecore are used!

Of course there will also be a blog post about it including the code on GitHub and if questions arise I will always be reachable in Slack.

I would be very happy to be your friend;)