Application for: Dylan Young

Hello everyone, most of you probably have heard my name by now. Another active year is wrapping up for me. I love contributing and have definitely found my niche in the community. Will continue my hard work, include some of my accomplishments this year:

– Completed the first version of my Helix Start Kit ( (I know it seems like another develop accelerator for Sitecore, but this one is a very slimmed down version). I have a lot of plans for this accelerator, and should hopefully start working on the next major version around the holidays (about the time I started the last version).

– YouTube ( Yup I have the highest number of Subscribers (1600+) for a Sitecore specific channel, that’s not run by Sitecore themselves. I have contributed 9 Sitecore and Azure related topics this year, and I hope to finish the year with quite a few more. I am also closing in on 200,000 views of my channel (which blows my mind).

– Portland Sitecore Usergroup. Ran the Meetup in February and trying to schedule another meeting up for probably early December.

– Contributed to the Sitecore Hackathon with Tony and Chris (if you don’t vote for me, you should vote for one of my teammates 🙂 ).

I’m sure I’ve done more than just that, but those are the big accomplishments. I’m also on Sitecore Stackexchange, but I don’t contribute as much as I used to, but I still try to moderate the community (and have a rep over 3k). I’m also active on Sitecore Slack, either saying @justin_laster hi, or making fun of Michael Reynolds ;). Also active on LinkedIn and Twitter, sharing posts as often as I can. Also I didn’t think it was possible to know even more people in the community, but I’ve actually met and made a lot of new friends in the community this year.

For those that know me, I sleep, eat and live Sitecore, pretty close to 24/7. I try to do everything, but I’m honored to be a part of this great community.

Happy Voting!