Application for: Gert Gullentops

13 years ago I discovered Sitecore and I’ve been working with the platform since. I started engaging myself in the community and am proud to have 3 mvp awards so far. I used to be active on the Sitecore community site, but since the start of Sitecore StackExchange I focused my efforts there. You will also find me on Slack, blogging, at the Belux user group, …

If you don’t know me by my real name – you might know Gatogordo – the one with the cat 😉

Over the past year I did not get selected as speaker for Sugcon and did not become the new SSE admin (became 3rd after some very strong candidates). But I did:

– speak at the Belux user group
– help people on Slack
– write some blogposts (a few are still waiting to get published)
– evangelize SXA everywhere I could
– tweet and retweet..

– share my knowledge on SSE – which results in a top 5 position this year and overall
– help maintaining SSE: 200+ votes, 100+ edits and amongst the top reviewers in all categories (stats for this year)

I will be speaking at Sitecore Symposium 2019 (on SXA) so join me there.. and vote for me here. Or both 🙂