Application for:  Ishraq AlFataftah

Hello fellow Sitecorians!

Happy to be part of this great community and great initiative brought by the community every year!

2019 marks a year for me where I keep focusing on helping to spread the world of Sitecore in the MENA region and help realize its potential among Arabic speaking community.

This is my 4th year as a technology MVP who is passionate about bringing a bit of business and marketing into the technical aspects of our daily Sitecore life. You can see that if you have heard a word or two from my sessions in last years’s SUGOCON and Symposium and different user groups. In addition, I’m bringing a bit of ethics and brand trust conversation to the table as shared in my SUGCON’s talk this year and my panel discussion at Symposium in November, make sure to attend on Wednesday and enjoy some privacy, brand and advocacy talk 🙂

I’ve been honored to speak at various user groups this year:
– Queen City User group discussing personalization tactics when working with commerce bundling.
– SUG Dubai discussing Marketing Automation and beyond.
– SUG Mumbai discussing personalization and customer experiences in retail.
– SUGCON talking about the moral question of algorithms.
– SUG Bangalore discussing ethics in AI.
– SUG Montreal, expanding on the ethics question of data and algorithms.
– Queen City User group hosted me again, (thank you), where I spoke about ethics and morality in AI.
– Panel discussion on brand trust at Symposium in November.
– Invited to Dubai to speak about AI and ML in commerce in which I’m tackling customer experiences and how Sitecore is helping in bridging the gap between the customer and technology.
– The year still didn’t end, hit me anytime if you are interested to hear about any of these topics in your local user groups 🙂

Besides to training work and internal sessions associated with my business and working with Sitecore partners, I’m still sponsoring and organizing Sitecore User Group Jordan as a co-founder and organizer of this UG.

I’ve started along with my friend Nabeel, Sitecore Arabia, a podcast hosting Sitecore technical, marketing and sales professionals from the region to help spread the word in Arabic. Many thanks to Derek Dysart from Core Sampler for his insights, help and encouragement for us to start this project.

I’m still blogging both professionally and personally and active on social media and linkedin to help spread some Sitecore goodies 🙂

As always, hit me @ifataftah both on twitter and slack if you wish to discuss anything Sitecore!

I was honored to win the core community award last year and appreciate your voting should you find my community contributions helpful 🙂