Application for: Jason Wilkerson

Hey y’all! I’m Jason Wilkerson (aka @longhorntaco).

What have I done for the Sitecore community?

Well, a couple of years ago, I wrote a book about Sitecore. But that was then.

I also have a fabulous beard on which I may or may not paint the Sitecore logo for Symposium…you know…for the community. I probably won’t, but…

Seriously though, here’s just a few things I’ve done for the Sitecore community this year:
– I’m one of the admins on the Slack channel, keeping recruiters at bay, chastising channel cross-posters, etc…
– I am one of the organizers of the Minneapolis/St Paul Sitecore Usergroup (SUGMSP)
– I was a judge for the Sitecore Hackathon
– I was selected to participate in the xDB working group with Sitecore
– I was asked by Sitecore to train Sales Engineers on SXA
– I’m a 4-time Technology MVP
– I don’t blog as much anymore, but I do speak at user groups and conferences all around the world.
– Symposium for the past 4 years
– SUGCON for the past 4 years
– Usergroups in:
– Minneapolis
– Atlanta
– Denver
– England
– Belgium
– Hungary
– Poland
– Prague
– Switzerland
– Netherlands
– Sweden
– Denmark
– and many more…

All of this is done in my spare time, as is the case with most MVPs. All of the travel is done on my own dime. I do it all because I really enjoy working with the Sitecore platform and seeing how it can transform a customer’s digital presence, but mostly because I really love the Sitecore community. It is the best technical community I’ve ever seen!