Application for: Jean-Francois Larente

I’m probably the least known on the applicant list but I’m out there (@jflsitecore on Slack) – mostly in #habitathome and #docker channels, and I’m definitely a Community player.

I lead the Demo Team at Sitecore and I’m responsible (for better or worse) for the following repos:

My efforts within Sitecore were the catalyst to Sitecore’s move to support its products running in containerized environments (

Although I’m not the largest contributor on the repo, I started this repo as a way to bring various community groups to work together toward a unified approach at building Sitecore docker images and it looks like we’ll be welcoming another group who have primarily been contributing Commerce images!

There are people in the Community that spend a significant amount of time supporting their peers, that’s why they’re an MVP. I can’t be an MVP since I work for Sitecore, but I’d like to think that I work hard daily to support the community where and how I can.