Application for: Jeremy Davis

Hi everyone – I’m Jeremy. *waves*

I hit a bit of a milestone this year. My blog passed 200 entries – most of which are related to Sitecore. I’ve written something at least every two weeks since early 2014. I’ve covered all sorts of stuff over the years. Programming patterns, errors I’ve encountered, bugs I’ve fixed, automations that might help you. Basically I just blog whatever I’ve been up to at work, because I’ve I’ve hit an issue, I’m pretty sure others will have too. I’m not entirely sure whether that’s dedication to the cause, or just an addiction. But either way I enjoy doing it and I hope it helps the community. Have a browse around if you want to see what I’ve covered over the years…

I was also the person behind one of the popular “easy solr install” PowerShell scripts to let developers spin up quick Solr instances for Sitecore. So you may well have made use of my gist for that in your development work, or perhaps one of the scripts that’s been inspired by it.

I spoke at both last year’s Symposium and this year’s SUGCON on the subject of using performance measurement to improve your development process. A session that got an overflowing room at SUGCON. And I’m speaking at Symposium again this year – about getting started deploying SolrCloud for Sitecore. I’m a regular attendee of the Manchester (UK) user groups, both as a speaker, as part of the audience, and occasionally as part of the organising process.

I’ve jumped on the “SitecoreLunch” social bandwaggon recently. The original US call runs just as I’m sitting on my train home on a Friday night, so I’ve been experimenting with running a call in a more “Europe-friendly” timezone. I was thinking of British and European developers when I started doing it – but all are welcome if the timeslot suits you… See the twitter SitecoreLunch hashtag for info about upcoming calls.

Finally I do hang around assorted Sitecore social channels. I’m not as visible as some due to my real job, but I’m always happy to try and answer questions when I can. My DMs are always open, as they say.

Come say hello if you’re at Symposium this year!