Application for: Kimberly McCabe

It all began with Twitter, battling competitors that were spreading misinformation about Sitecore…back in 2008.

I’ve been Sitecore blogging and tweeting and debating with people ever since. Even at Google I spoke almost relentlessly about the value of DoubleClick data syncing up with Sitecore data… (still working on that one!)

I kicked off technical user groups in the UK and built up several Linkedin groups (Sitecore Technical User Groups – United Kingdom, Sitecore-related jobs) until other social platforms became more popular.

While my life outside of work has limited the amount of time I spend advocating Sitecore on social channels – I’m blogging, advocating ways to help people stay on the platform by using it more extensively. I’m focused on talking to agency people about why the would benefit from having their clients on Sitecore.

I’m active on the Women of Sitecore Slack channel.

Writing about Sitecore at (my colleagues Suset and Byron are super active – you should read their posts!!!)

Attending technical user groups and promoting them (my role is in sales so I don’t present)

Kicked off creating a community meet-up cocktail party for SitecoreSym 2019

And for laughs… the reason you use #SitecoreSym is because of me. Really. [did you know for a short time the hashtag was trending on Twitter in Australia during symposium in 2012?)

I may have been a bit quiet in 2019 but I’m a long time, community-focused Sitecore advocate!!