Application for: Kuntesh Bhatt

Hello Community Members,

I have been working in Sitecore technology since last 6 years. I am actively associated with Addact Technologies. My focus to provide strategic insights about Digital Marketing and Products using Sitecore.
Under Addact Badge – we have shared three of our products/connectors –
CloudConnect for AWS,
SocialConnect –
ContentTranslate –
and many more coming in future.

As a learner, I share regular updates about Sitecore Technology and Digital Experience on our blog –
I curate and write all the blog post and share our work. Lot of blogs lined up in near future to share with community.

I am so fascinated by the Digital Experience platform that I have applied for PhD with the subject “Adaptability of Digital Experience Platform for selected Indian Banks” and soon to publish few papers under well supervised Marketing Journals.

Thank you for encouraging me, keep sharing.