Application for:  Marek Musielak

My name is Marek Musielak.

I’ve been a member of Sitecore Community for quite a time already so there is a chance you and I interacted few times in the past.

Before the times of Sitecore Stack Exchange and Sitecore Community Slack, when all the Sitecore related questions were asked on Stack Overflow, I answered 512 Sitecore questions there which is more than anyone else in Stack Overflow history.

Nowadays, I moved to Sitecore Stack Exchange. In 2019 I answered 133 questions there so far, which is 51 more than the second person (data from so it may be not up to date).

I run my blog ( ) which doesn’t contain any “How to install Sitecore X.X.X” or “What’s new in Sitecore Y.Y.Y” posts (yeah, there are enough of them there already ;] ), but where I try to explain how to solve real life issues.

I’m one of Sitecore Community Slack administrators and active users.

And I’m one of the Sitecore User Group Poland organizers.

And I do all of that for free in my own time cause I believe that Sitecore Community is worth it.