Application for: Mark Cassidy

Heyup 🙂

If you’re active on any community channel related to Sitecore I’d wager there’s a decent chance you’ve seen my name around. I’m more or less always online and participating on the Sitecore Stack Exchange (which I co-founded, and am currently co-moderating) and on Sitecore Community Slack. I think these two channels are currently the most valuable community channels to the Sitecore community at large, and I am happy to dedicate a large portion of my time to supporting and improving both of them.

Besides my community site activity, I also maintain and co-pilot the very popular Sitecore Unicorn and Rainbow Open Source projects.

A summary of my other activities for the Sitecore community in 2019 include:

– Touring around Sitecore User Groups in Europe, presenting and refining my “10x Your Sitecore Development” presentation

– Presenting “10x Your Sitecore Development” for a large audience at SUGCON EU in London

– Edited and improved well over 500 posts on Sitecore Stack Exchange. My other contributions on the site has accumulated around 2700 points this year; overall I still hold the number 1 slot for contributions by a considerable margin.

– Participated in the Sitecore “Helix Working Group”

– Shipped 8 minor and 2 major releases of Unicorn and Rainbow – Sponsored the Sitecore PowerShell Extensions Open Source project (so should you)

– I will be finishing up 2019 with the completion of my series of blog posts about Sitecore on Docker, as I strongly believe this will make every Sitecore developer’s life easier in 2020.

I give my time freely and willingly, I pay for my own travel, all my community work is done on my own time. So this is it; thumbs down if you dislike what I’m doing. But if you like, enjoy, benefit from, or otherwise want to show appreciation for my community efforts – this is your chance 🙂