Application for: Mohamed Nizarudeen

As a Sitecore Evangelist and Co-Founder of SUG Chennai, I have been extensively embracing Sitecore for the past 4 years and have been actively contributing to the Sitecore community by blogging, creating market place modules and organizing/presenting in Sitecore User Groups.

I am one of the  Sitecore Technology MVPCertified Sitecore Developer and Co-Founder of Sitecore User group Chennai. Currently working as an Associate Manager at Avanade, India.

I have been Hosting and Organizing Webinars and Meetups on SUGChennai which already have around 300+ Registered Sitecore Community.

Some of my contributions to the Sitecore community include:
– Presented about “Alexa integration with Sitecore” at SUGChennai User Group’s Meetup

– Presented about “How to become Sitecore MVP” at SUGChennai User Group’s Meetup

– Constantly Organizing Webinars (Organized around 15 Webinar’s involving 16 Sitecorian’s including Technical Evangelist\Architects\MVPs\Community Leaders like Mike Reynolds, Akshay Sura, Michael West, Jason St-Cyr). I want to thank all of them who helped me to organize these webinars.

– Organized in-person meetup of SUG Chennai members recently and planned to conduct regular meetups (at least 1 per quarter)

– I have published 15 articles related to Sitecore, you can find them on my blog

– I have developed the below modules (available in Marketplace) using the latest development principles and techniques guidelines followed by Sitecore practitioners. You can find out more about the below modules in Sitecore Marketplace, as well as in my blog posts.

– Started  Youtube channel and have been uploading videos related to Sitecore. Recently I have uploaded a video explaining all the Sitecore Market Place Modules which I have developed.

– Attended SUGCON India this year and met a lot of wonderful community members

– Started and moderating an active local Sitecore WhatsApp group for Chennai. In the group, We continuously share and discuss everything related to Sitecore.

– Pretty much active on all the other community channels like Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

I am contributing towards building the great Sitecore community and will continue my efforts towards this. Please vote for me if you think my contributions to the community have helped you directly or indirectly.

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