Application for:  Peter Procházka

I have more than 5 years of experience with Sitecore and more than 15 years with web development especially with .NET/ASP.NET.
I was one of winners of last year’s Core Community Awards and also became Sitecore technology MVP.

I am helping other community members by blogging, answering/asking questions on Sitecore StackExchange and organizing/presenting on Sitecore User Groups. There are lot of people who approached me directly through Slack or LinkedIn with their problems/questions. I am always trying to help them also.

Some of my 2019 Accomplishments:

– I am so far #9 on Sitecore StackExchange ->

– My SXA session was presented on Sitecore Virtual Developer Day 2019 ->

– This year I have published 30 articles. So far I have posted 100 articles altogether which most of them are Sitecore related. You can find my blog here -> .
— You can find there also articles with specific topics like Sitecore Developer Bookshelf 2019 -> and SXA Learning Resources ->

– I have presented on 4 Sitecore User Groups:
— 16th April – #1 Bratislava Sitecore User Group Meetup 2019 – Presented “SUGCON 2019 Reflections”
— 16th June – SUGJO Meetup Q2 – Presented “Customizing SXA”
— 14th August – SUG Queen City – Presented “My MVP Journey”
— 27th September – SUG Budapest #9 – Presented “Using and Customizing SXA”

– I have organized first ever Sitecore User Group in Slovakia. Read more here ->

– I am also preparing a lot of ebooks from Sitecore documentation so community members can take it and read it during commute or travelling (or vacation ;-). I have prepared Helix, SXA and other documentation suitable for ebook readers like Amazon Kindle, Kobo or any laptop/PC as the formats are mobi, epub and pdf. You can find them here ->

I am using “chorpo” as my virtual nickname so use it to find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, …

Thanks for your appreciations by voting.