Application for: Shelley Benhoff

Hello, World! My name is Shelley Benhoff and I am a Sitecore Lead Developer at TBG and I am also a Pluralsight Author. I previously worked at Sitecore as the Education Development Manager where I was responsible for producing training and certification exams for Sitecore 6.4 – 8.0.

This year, I am releasing a new (unofficial) Sitecore curriculum on Pluralsight. This curriculum is tailored to teach best practices from real-world solutions. I have worked with many Sitecore developers and MVPs to create a community-driven curriculum.

My Sitecore curriculum on Pluralsight will feature your photos from Sitecore conferences and meetups. This is a great way to showcase the Sitecore Community and show my thanks for everything I have learned from awesome Sitecore MVPs and Developers over the years.

Here is a line from my upcoming course, Getting Started with Sitecore Helix, which sums up my feelings about being a part of the Sitecore Developer Community.

“When you are a Sitecore Developer, you are part of a community of developers from around the world. Sitecore attracts some of the best and brightest developers working in technology today. You will have the opportunity to be a part of a community of genius developers who will help you learn and grow in your career. When you work with and learn from the best, your career can’t help but to take upward mobility!”