Application for:  Sumit Upadhyay

I’m Sumit Upadhyay. I have been working in this amazing Technology for over 4 years now.
I have tried to share my Sitecore learnings more this year as compared to earlier.

Some of my contributions to the Sitecore community are as follows:
– Actively sharing helpful blogs/content related to Sitecore on LinkedIn ( and Twitter (@isumit001).

– Active member of Sitecore Bangalore, Sitecore NCR and Sitecore Mumbai WhatsApp groups. I feel these channels are very useful to the members and often this is the first place to reach out when stuck with an issue.

– Presented on Sitecore PowerShell Extensions via Sitecore Bangalore Meetup : Planning to present more before the year ends.

– Blogged on Sitecore through my blog: Will add more as and when I learn new things in Sitecore.

– Helped other developers by answering/asking questions on Sitecore Stack Exchange. Agreed this is a recent phenomenon but one that I’m striving to continue. Only problem that I’m facing is there are answers (better one at that) while I’m typing mine… 😉

– I have attended most of the Sitecore in person meet ups in Bangalore as well as webinars. I know counting this as a contribution feels odd, but it also shows my passion for this Technology as these meetups are successful due to people turning up. Honored to meet Sitecore Rockstars at the SUGCON India held in Bangalore.

I know my contributions may not come close to some of the other superstars in this elite list, but I feel honored and privileged to be a part of the community.

Happy Voting!