Application for: Suset Fernandez

My name is Suset Fernandez and I identify myself as a Sitecore enthusiast, looking forward to helping marketers embrace new digital technology to become empowered individuals.
I have been working with Sitecore since 2014. My primary role in projects consists of translating business needs to CMS components and later training the marketing teams and content editors so that they can effectively use the implemented solution.
My work experience led me to notice that many clients never use the Sitecore capabilities that motivate the acquisition of the platform in the first place (Personalization, testing, analytics). Technical Architects and developers enable Sitecore’s awesomeness for marketers but they never use it because they don’t understand it, or simply don’t know how to get started.
That reality motivated me to focus on creating content that can help members of the community understanding what takes to help marketers to get started with Sitecore’s Experience Platform Optimization Features.
I hope that my efforts encourage others in the community to educate themselves and get started helping marketers make the most out of Sitecore. Below you will find a list of links to some of the resources I have shared with the community. Cheers!
Blog posts:
Community group presentation: (second half)