Application for:  Tony Mamedbekov

Greetings!!! I’m Tony Mamedbekov (@tmamedbekov)

Sitecore community is the best community in the world! I want to share with you all the things that I do for this community outside of work.

Here are the few highlights:

– My Sitecore Technical Blog –
– Evangelizing about Sitecore JSS Technology, even wrote a set of Tutorials on how to build a site and deploy it (
– Participated in Sitecore Hackathon with Dylan and Chris (vote for them, if you don’t vote for me)
– Created a Module in the MarketPlace in the beginning of my Sitecore journey which is called – Sitecore Audit Logger (
– Integrated Angular SPA with Sitecore Experience Editor prior to JSS, and openSourced it (
– Sitecore Houston User Group –
– Sitecore Front End Friends – – During #Symposium come see me to get some swag
– Have been attending Sitecore Symposiums and SugConEU since I started my journey with Sitecore.
– Two time Sitecore Technology MVP (2018, 2019)

Come and say hi if you’re at Symposium this year, and lets talk about #sitecoreJSS #Headless and #FrontEndTechnologies