Application for: Vipin Banka

Hello Friends,

My name is Vipin Banka, I am working as Director Technology at Rightpoint India.

This year, I focused on Sitecore Commerce and participated in this great community in various ways:

– Throughout the year I have written many blog posts related to Sitecore XC under

– Participated as a speaker in SUGCON India and shared my learnings for Implementing Sitecore Commerce in an established Sitecore XP environment. Here is youtube link –

– I am an active member of community and I have participated in various discussions and answered lot of questions on Sitecore Stack Exchange and Sitecore Slack Channel related to Sitecore XC.

– Created a Commerce Plugin, “hunk-catalog for Sitecore Commerce” (, this plugin will help any commerce team to write custom catalog import implementation easily, quickly and consistently across many commerce projects.

Please vote for me if you think my contribution to the community deserves it, or it inspires you to do the same, or I have helped you directly or indirectly.

Best Regards,
Vipin Banka