Phase 3 – Closed

Phase 3 is the final phase for the Core Community Friend Award 2020. This phase will determine the Top 10 applicants who will win the award and with it a $100 gift card.

  1. People who nominated in the earlier phase got a chance to pick only 5 people per entry as their most valuable community member.
  2. The email address which was used in the nomination process had to be used while voting in order for the vote to count.

We got a ton of response. For now we had to manually validate the email entries and votes to make sure the results are accurate. When we started this award our goal was to bring transparency to the MVP award. We are proud to say that we have achieved that goal. The MVP award today has a much more streamlined process and its only getting better. Unfortunately this would be the last year for this award.

This award is meant for people who contribute to our Sitecore community publicly. Here is some feedback based on the votes we received:

  1. As mentioned earlier, please do not Vote for yourself.
  2. It is tempting to vote for your colleagues but remember, this award is for the most helpful community member regardless of who they work for.
  3. A lot of votes were wasted as people submitted fewer than 5 votes. We have a ton of people in this community who contribute and we find it hard to believe that you cannot come up with 5 names.

Remember, the goal is transparency. We will get in touch with those highlighted to coordinate the prize.


Here are the results for Phase 3.